---To all the lovely, creepy, wicked and closeted horror lovers out there:

This is Ivann (Spiderandthefly) the owner of LePetite-Mort. I regretfuly inform all the bad-ass followers of this blog that I will have to lay LP-M to rest for a while. With the start of a new school semester, the onslaught of homework and my interest in extracurricular activities, I have decided to put a hault to further running this blog. I have not come tired of posting or find it tedious to run but I just don't seem to have the time I would like to devote to running this blog. I'm not on Tumblr as I once was and only seem to pop up in between studying and/or hanging out with friends. This deson't mean that LP-M is completely dead. I thought about passing the blog on to someone else but ultimately decided against this as I have put in too much work into it and wouldn't feel comfortable with it disappearing. So, for now, LePetite-Mort will be put on pause until further notice. If you guys decide to unfollow because of this then I completely understand. I've enjoyed speaking to and answering question from you guys and still keep in touch with some of you through Facebook and Twitter. All of the .gifs made for this blog will still be running around and you can still see our archive if you wish to continue to visit. Again, I've enjoyed talking to everyone who left something in the ask section and you will see LP-M again.

Pleasant nightmares! >:)

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>>Dead Alive
>>The Poughkeepsie Tapes
>>Underworld (1|2|3)
>>Dont' Be Afraid of the Dark
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